Jewish Journeys (Aug 2017)
The Good Life (July 2017)
A special advertising section celebrating the Upper West Side and the annual UWS Celebrate Israel Festival.
Making Challah by the Book; Frugal Weddings Are In Vogue; ‘Chopped’ Events Are A Tasty Trend; More
‘I Still Had More To Give’ A Resort? Retirement Home? Or Both? A Grown-up Taste Of Jewish Summer Camp
Out 9th issue of 36 Under 36 attests to our community’s rapidly growing tent. We honor 3 individuals with special needs, we laud the young leaders who are opening doors to those previously felt marginalized and this year we include several artists, a best-selling author an award winning filmmaker and others all making our community more accepting than ever before.
The Jewish Week Media Group honors Rabbi Haskel Lookstein as the recipient of the Community Builder Award and Leon Wieseltier as the recipient of the Thought Leader Award. December 15, 2015 at The Pierre.
With high disposable incomes, they enjoy the good life. They're powerful 55+ consumers. that means luxury vacations, frequent financial investments and concern about their lifestyle.
Weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, anniversaries, graduations, birthdays and more They get married, entertain frequently at home, have bar & bat mitzvahs and are regular attendees of all sorts of affairs and parties. Reach, tens of thousands of individuals who will buy your chine, purchase your flowers, rent your catering facility and book your band.