Israel at 70 2018 (PART 2)
Israel at 70 2018 PART 1
Miracle Victory, and the Aftermath. the war, reflect on its costs. How the war played during the Summer of Love. Since reunification, a changing cityscape in Jerusalem. Jews, Arabs chart a rocky road toward coexistence.
A Winter Wonderland of Israeli Culture, Family-friendly Jaunts through England, Reveling in Germany’s Jewish Revival
At Home in the Homeland. Jaffa Rising. Mod’in And Netanya. High-End Hotel Upgrades
Israelis in Shul, Really! The Hummus Diaries. 3 Generations of Jazzers. The Expat Author Boom. Start-up Island Taking Shape.
Special content provided by AJC Israel is being demonized and delegitimized. Its history is being distorted and twisted. Stand up for the truth. Read and share AJC’s “Israel and the Arab-Israeli Conflict: A Brief Guide for the Perplexed.”
Israel and American Jews: Veering Apart? Navigating the existential divide. The debate over liberal Zionism. Press freedom under siege. Israeli-Americans as a bridge.
Israel Real Estate 2015 Learn about property and investments in Israel. Take a look at many of the great home opportunities available and make your next residence a home in Israel.